What We’re About

Welcome to airbanking, your online and socially interactive approach to banking. We provide you with a level of service that seems to have fallen by the wayside for the average customer. We help you utilize your bank to the fullest to know exactly what is going on with your budgets and finances.

My name is Billy and I have several different accounts with airbanking and use them regularly. I know the feeling and comfort of having complete control of my financial life.

My blogs, stories, podcasts, and any other out reach to you, is to help you establish good financial practices. I won’t be telling you where to invest your money, or what kind of stocks to buy, but how to make you more financially savvy and most of all take full advantage of your banking products and services.

With all the changes in bank regulations, my goal is to help everyone understand exactly how these changes will affect banks and more importantly you.

We want to know how we can make airbanking the best for you. Don’t just follow us on Facebook and Twitter, interact with us. We will be upfront and honest with you; helping find solutions to any of your problems. But if we can do better, tell us.

The challenge to you is to stop letting banks tell you what you need, and start telling us what you want. Use sense though. We can’t just give everyone a million dollars, but we want to give you the transparent, straightforward service you deserve. To put it plainly, we want to be the bank that’s here for you.

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