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MainStreet Bank Sponsors “Aircharity® Empowerment Zone”

Fairfax, VA – MainStreet Bank (OTCQB: MNSB) is sponsoring the “Aircharity® Empowerment Zone” at this year’s 21st Annual Safeway Barbecue Battle. The event will be held on Historic Pennsylvania Avenue between 9th and 14th Street NW in Washington, DC on … Continue reading

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AirCharity For Organizations

Imagine going to your bank and opening an account that provides you a safe, low cost, easy to use and inspiring platform to raise funds for nearly any cause — from a small local charity to a national foundation, and everything in-between. You don’t have to imagine, because we have the solution for you, and we call it “aircharity”.
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Introducing Personal Aircharity®

Imagine going to a bank and opening an account which enables you to collect money online for nearly any purpose – from raising money for a friend in need or other social causes to collecting funds for a club or even a personal endeavor. You don’t have to imagine. At airbanking, we have it here for you, and we call the account aircharity.
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