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Funding a Better Tomorrow

MainStreet Bank Chairman, CEO and President Jeff W. Dick was selected Indie Banker of the Month by the Independent Community Bankers of America (www.ICBA.org). The article, published August 2013, showcases the Bank’s dedication to community support, charitable causes, and innovation. … Continue reading

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AirCharity For Organizations

Imagine going to your bank and opening an account that provides you a safe, low cost, easy to use and inspiring platform to raise funds for nearly any cause — from a small local charity to a national foundation, and everything in-between. You don’t have to imagine, because we have the solution for you, and we call it “aircharity”.
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Introducing Personal Aircharity®

Imagine going to a bank and opening an account which enables you to collect money online for nearly any purpose – from raising money for a friend in need or other social causes to collecting funds for a club or even a personal endeavor. You don’t have to imagine. At airbanking, we have it here for you, and we call the account aircharity.
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