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Put Our Bank in your Office®

For our business customers that want to accept payments online, MainStreet Bank provides a gateway called Authorize.Net®. Through Authorize.Net you’re able to enter payments, manage and review transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, and download reports. As the business owner, you can receive payment information securely over the phone, web, or mail – then manually key with no equipment needed! If you have a website, Authorize.Net will also allow you to add a “buy now” or “shopping cart” function. This empowers your customers to shop when they want and check out independently.


  • Accepts all major credit cards and signature based debit cards
  • Accepts digital payment solutions like Apple Pay™, PayPal™, and Visa Checkout
  • Allows for International Payments
  • Helps to identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions
  • Offers a customizable rule-based Advanced Fraud Detection Suite
  • Utilizes Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Code Verification (CVV2)
  • Provides recurring payments and robust customer information management tools
  • Has the ability to sync to Quickbooks®
  • Offers multiple user accounts with permissions to control account access

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Attention Merchants- Every merchant who stores, transmits or processes cardholder information is required to maintain compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In support of this important industry mandate, MainStreet Bank requires all merchants to validate their PCI DSS compliance status with us. This validation must be done on an annual basis. As your processor, we have simplified the effort that you must undertake to validate your compliance. If you haven't already submitted your validation, please click here to begin the process. Failure to do so may result in significant fees and fines. If you have questions or need further assistance please contact the PCI Compliance Helpdesk at (877) 277-1178 or by e-mail at