MainStreet Bank Breathes New Life Into Consumer Banking

Welcome to the MainStreet Bank blog! We look forward to providing you news, financial tips, and resources.

MainStreet Bank is bringing new life to consumer banking with airbankingTM. This exciting new part of MainStreet Bank provides the quality of our banking wherever you go. You can open your next deposit account completely online to execute and handle other banking needs directly from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

With this new breath of fresh air come a few other changes for MainStreet Bank:

1. Redesigning the MainStreet Bank Website

The newly redesigned MainStreet Bank website keeps you, our valued customer, in mind. The site layout aims to help you easily navigate to the info you need and to discover all of our services. As part of the redesign, we have also added the MainStreet Bank blog to provide up-to-date news, tips, and resources.

2. Adding Some Color to Our Logo

With the new redesign of the Website comes a new look. The new MainStreet Bank logo represents the quality service traditionally provided in our branches (the green) brought to you everywhere you go with improved online banking—airbankingTM (the blue). The green and the blue combined represent MainStreet Bank’s unique approach to banking.

MainStreet Bank is excited to move forward with adding our airbankingTM service, redesigning our website, and giving new life to our logo. We want to hear from you, how do you like the changes so far?

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