Our Responsibilities

MainStreet Bank is committed to protecting your information and accounts. Unfortunately there is no single solution to all cyber crimes and we recommend a multi-layered approach to protecting your online access and bank accounts.

It is important for you to know that online security is a mutual responsibility. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources and tools that MainStreet Bank has to offer.

Did You Know…?

Fraudsters can buy compromised user data on the open black market? Although MainStreet can not prevent data from being acquired, by requiring frequent password changes we can help ensure that the data is not useful once it is sold.

  • We currently require all NetTeller Passwords to be updated every 90 days.

We also offer additional enhanced security features to include Dual Control, Secure Tokens, IP Restrict and Time Restrict.

  • Dual Control prevents a single user from creating, then initiating or transmitting an ACH batch or Wire transfer. One user will login to create the transfer and another will login to transmit it.
  • Secure Tokens significantly reduce the risk of an unauthorized user accessing your account(s). They provide a one-time-use password entry into Online Banking. Each user is issued a secure token, which is registered specifically to their individual ID. Because the code on the token is required at each login and the code changes every minute, the user must have access to the number on the token (or virtual token) during the time it is valid to access the business’ bank accounts.
  • IP Restrict allows the Bank to establish a series of valid IP addresses for each user. If a user attempts to log in and the IP address does not match one on their “trusted and enabled” list, they will be presented with a message indicating that they cannot log in.
  • Time Restrict allows Administrators to establish a series of valid days of the week and/or times for each employee. If a user attempts to log in outside of the set days/times, they will be presented with a message indicating that they cannot log in.

Do you know someone who could benefit from Enhanced Security Features?

  • Please contact us today for more details on how to enroll.

Check back regularly for new features and updates.