Paul Thomas Haddock

Paul Thomas Haddock is the President of Azure, Inc.

Azure, Inc. a privately held company which assists up-and-coming entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing and implementing effective business models. From 1984 to present, he founded and managed Vacation Places, a commercial real estate and vacation property management company. Prior to that, he managed emerging technology in pattern recognition, radar imaging and computers for Scope, Inc., a technology company in Reston, Virginia.

Mr. Haddock was a senior electronics engineer for Westinghouse Electronic in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1958 until 1965. Mr. Haddock has served on the boards of directors of numerous property associations and is currently on the Board of Directors of Stuart Professional Village in Reston, Virginia. He holds an M.A. in liberal arts, as well as a B.S. in both industrial and electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.