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Resourceful Sites To Help You With Your Personal Finances

Here are a few sites I thought would be great to share. Keep checking in to see what new sites I’ll be adding to the list. Also, please remember while I think these are great resources, airbanking does not endorse any of the organizations that provide these resources. Continue reading

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WBJ Feature

WBJ Article Did you catch our CEO Jeff in the Washington Business Journal talking about airbanking? If you missed it you can check out the article here or read the feature online at The Washington Business JournalContinue reading

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Emergency Funds

Life is full of unknowns—from the weather to a flat tire on your car. While there are some things you can’t prepare for there are others you can. Creating an emergency fund, or a rainy day fund can help you feel less stressed when an unknown or the unexpected hits.
A good goal is to keep 3 months’ worth of expenses in a separate savings account… Continue reading

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Introduction To AirBanking

Hi, I’m Billy and this is airbanking, your totally online bank that’s going to help you become more financially literate. We’re not going to be your broker… but what we are going to do is give you the services and products to be successful. So I challenge you: stop listening to what banks tell you you need and start telling us what you want…

Continue reading

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What We’re About

Welcome to airbanking, your online and socially interactive approach to banking. We provide you with a level of service that seems to have fallen by the wayside for the average customer. We help you utilize your bank to the fullest to know exactly what is going on with your budgets and finances….The challenge to you is to stop letting banks tell you what you need, and start telling us what you want. Use sense though. We can’t just give everyone a million dollars, but we want to give you the transparent, straightforward service you deserve. To put it plainly, we want to be the bank that’s here for you. Continue reading

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