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Community Banks Willing To Spend On Technology

What recession? While the banking industry as a whole is pulling back on technology spending, community banks are increasing their budgets, especially for payments systems. In part, this is because they can’t afford not to, community bankers say, and in …

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MainStreet Bank Announces Profitable 2008

February 27, 2010 Herndon, VA – MainStreet Bank (OTC Bulletin Board: MNSB) reported a $100 thousand net income for the year-ended December 31, 2008. Chairman, President & CEO Jeff W. Dick said, “We are extremely pleased with our operating results …

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2009 Financial Results

Boenning & Scattergood provides MainStreet Bank’s 2009 financial results. View the entire report.

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MainStreet Bank Continues Profitability

May 14, 2010 Herndon, VA – MainStreet Bank (OTC Bulletin Board: MNSB) reported net income of $114 thousand for the quarter-ended March 31, 2010. Chairman, President & CEO Jeff W. Dick said “We completed our eighth quarter of sustained profitability …

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ATMs everywhere!

Do you know that airbanking ATMs are everywhere! This cheeky video shows Billy on a quick journey around the United States and abroad in London and Australia! Visit our website to access our online ATM finder, get links to the free ‘ATM finder’ mobile apps, and get more info on all of the conveniences of airbanking including our network of over 40,000 ATMs!

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To Spend Or Not To Spend Your Tax Return?

It’s about that time of year when everyone starts getting their tax returns. Many eyes light up like an 8-year-old on Christmas morning with dreams of a tropical vacation, the newest greatest TV out there, or a summer wardrobe shopping spree. Or for some the idea of saving and paying off all debt is what dreams are made of. But which one should you choose?…

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Wedding Budgeting 101

Budgeting is hard enough. Now try to budget a wedding with 175 guests and an open bar, HA…that’s funny. But the truth is that it is realistic and do-able. You just need to know where you’re starting from and establish what you can afford. Before you even book anything, sit down and talk with your fiancée about the financial preparation for the wedding.

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Why So Many Pop-ups?

Curious why airbanking always has a pop-up when you’re leaving View our quick video about why we have those pop-ups and feel free to tweet us any other questions.

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Saving Money As Gas Prices Hike

As Spring and Summer months approach it’s not uncommon for gas prices to start marching upward. But this year, due to Middle East unrest and reduced oil drilling in the Gulf, that march has turned into a mad dash. According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report1, gas prices have climbed from about $3.07 a gallon for Regular on January 1, to presently $3.553 for Regular. That is a $.48 jump with the majority of the spike happening over the last 3 weeks…

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Credit Score Part 2: Your Payment History

Building or rebuilding your credit score can be difficult, especially when you’re not well-informed. That’s why I’m going to tell you the most effective way to build or rebuild your credit score, which is undoubtedly understanding and improving your payment history.

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